1. 9:15 AM


    Helen Moore, Season 21, Episode 14

    When a woman’s boyfriend goes missing just as authorities find a dismembered torso, but the case may not be so closed; 20 years later, the woman’s new story could be a game changer.
  2. 10:15 AM

    The Turpin 13: Family Secrets Exposed

    Prod Year 2018, Season 1, Episode 1

    Soledad O’Brien investigates the mystery behind the perplexing story of the Turpin family - a Pentecostal couple accused of keeping most of their 13 children shackled and starved within the four walls of their California home.


  1. 1:45 PM

    The Brokenwood Mysteries

    Fall From Grace, Season 4, Episode 1

    When Kristin, Breen and Gina celebrate Mike’s birthday with a picnic in Brokenwood Domain they are witness to a fatal skydiving accident. As the investigation unfolds an unsettling truth is revealed.
  2. 3:30 PM

    Line Of Duty

    Episode 3, Season 4, Episode 3

    As AC-12 wrestle with the new forensic evidence casting doubt over Tim Ifield, Kate is approached by another woman claiming to have been assaulted by Michael Farmer.


  1. 6:45 PM


    Tuesday's Child, Season 6, Episode 2

    DCI Vera Stanhope investigates the mysterious death of a young man whose remains are discovered in remote caves in an area notorious for illicit teenage gatherings.
  2. 8:30 PM

    Lewis S4

    Falling Darkness, Season 4, Episode 4

    On Halloween a university friend of pathologist Laura Hobson is found dead with a stake through her heart, and Lewis and Hathaway are approached by a physic medium who claims that they are in grave danger.


  1. 2:00 AM


    Danielle Parker, Season 21, Episode 15

    The death of a police officer leads to a search for her killer; her shooting may be payback for an old arrest, or may be closer to home.