Season 9

  • Episode 1. Ghosts

    Leo receives some devastating news from home and has to set off immediately for Sheffield, where he meets DSI Ryan Elliot and his colleague, DI Erin Jacobs.

  • Episode 2. Choices

    The team is called to a drive-by shooting outside a London nightclub. They arrive amidst carnage; a number of people are lying dead or dying on the ground.

  • Episode 4. Mind And Body

    Nikki is called to the suicide of Kevin Perry. The young man's death appears to be just routine, but shortly afterwards it seems that someone is on a killing spree on the streets of London.

Season 8

Season 7

  • Episode 1. Answering Fire

    Sam is throwing a dinner party for friends. At the end of the evening Colin stays behind for one more, but the situation turns nasty as he gets carried away and attempts to rape her.